Deep BV

Deep BV Hydrography and Geophysics is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company was founded in 1999 and since then, it has grown in size employing over fifty staff members both at home and abroad. We operate on inland waterways, in ports and along coastlines. Since 2007, offshore services have also been forming a fast-growing area of operations.

Our company culture is a combination of enthusiasm, quality, flexibility and teamwork. The company strives constantly to become ever more efficient and effective, and to make a meaningful contribution. In doing so, Deep always adheres to its guiding vision: close client cooperation and maximum transparency always produce the desired results.

Deep and Skeye

Deep and Skeye

Operations are run from Deep’s offices in Amsterdam, where Deep also houses its engineering department and moors its smaller sounding vessels. Larger sounding vessels are moored at a site in Amsterdam’s Westelijk Havengebied [Western Docklands].

Deep believes that when you combine the right personnel, equipment, vessels, procedures and organization, success will follow. And that is what we do: Deep focuses on and succeeds in achieving high levels of quality by employing well-trained and experienced personnel, deploying high-quality equipment on board special-purpose vessels, according to transparent operating procedures and subject to sound organization. In summary: quality depends on people, equipment, fleet, organization and methodology.

Deep’s survey results make an essential contribution to its client’s objectives. Our reliable data enables our clients to concentrate on their job, be it river management, bank protection construction work or the conservation of items of archaeological value. This reliability is always our focus when selecting personnel, purchasing equipment and managing its organization.

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