PelserHartman and Skeye have agreed on a partnership to ensure that our customers always get a high-quality solution for their measuring issues. PelserHartman is a specialist in 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling with LiDAR scanners. In the Netherlands, PelserHartman is a leader in this field, and each year maps out millions of square meters with a team of construction engineers and surveyors who have made 3D measuring their expertise. In addition to measuring and modelling, PelserHartman also advises others on measuring techniques and drawing methods. They guide companies and authorities that want to start with 3D laser scanning and drawing with pointclouds.

With this partnership, Skeye is assured to have access at all times to the best advice, technical insight and expertise in carrying out projects where a combination is made between collecting data with a drone and with a 3D scanner.

The cooperation with Skeye BV started with the scanning of the old feed mill Brokking in Wormeveer. The façade of this building was located on the water and therefore it was impossible to scan it with 3D laser scanners from the ground. The drones from Skeye offered the perfect solution. Read more about this project here.

More information on PelserHartman can be found through this link.