Upon request of our client Dunea, Skeye performed an aerial survey over the dunes of Meijendel just north of the city of Scheveningen in the Netherlands. Dunea manages these dunes for water purification, water processing and recreation. The total project area was around 6 km2.

Skeye conducted these aerial survey measurements by using our new Hawk-Eye drone. This drone, an in-house development by Skeye, is capable of collecting photographs of large terrains in a very quick and accurate manner. These images form the basis of our data processing step whereby terrain heights are extracted from the imagery. For added accuracy over 40 ground control points were placed in the area and accurately measured using GPS-RTK.

The flights with the Hawk-Eye drone were conducted over a period of two days whereby more than 3200 images were taken. Prior to our survey, our sister company Deep from Amsterdam surveyed under water in the many small lakes using a multibeam echo sounder. By combining these two data sets a complete and accurate digital 3D terrain model can be constructed that will in turn enable the volume calculation of the small lakes holding drinking water.