Hawk-Eye (4x)

In order to carry out it’s many international projects whereby equipment is constantly in transport or customs, Skeye has build it’s own fixed wing drones. This UAV, the Hawk-Eye has been constructed to carry out large aerial survey and mapping projects. From the imagery taken with this drone digital terrain models and orthophoto mosaics can be created. The hawk-Eye is equipped with either a 24 Mp, a 39 Mp or a Near Infra red camera.

Launching of the aircraft can be done by throwing the aircraft manually or by a ramp system equipped with a bungee line. The Hawk-Eye makes use of an auto pilot system that can be pre-programmed so as to take images at predefined locations along pre-programmed flight lines. Depending on the type of camera installed the flight time ranges between 30 and 50 minutes.

At this moment Skeye has produced four Hawk-Eye’s.