Photo-Eye is a self-developed photogrammetric system for a manned aircraft. The system was developed in order to be able to respond to a client demand that Skeye was unable to respond to as a result of tight regulations for unmanned aircraft in Europe. In addition the use of a drone is not always the most cost effective solution for larger areas.

 Skeye captures aerial photography with a ultra high resolution of 2 cm using a new method on which virtually every detail becomes visible. In addition these aerial photographs are positioned on their true world coordinates making it possible to map directly from these images.

 The Aerial images from the Photo-Eye system can be used to:

      – Create, update and check your current mapping;

      – Track and locate your assets along highways and waterways;

      – Build a 3D environment for building, planning and maintenance.

 Skeye is market leader in the use of unmanned aircraft (i.e. drones) for the collection of geographic information. Mostly we collect this data through aerial imagery in combination with special processing techniques.  Regulations in Europe prohibit us from overflying major roads and dense urban areas. This led Skeye to develop the Photo-Eye system that collects aerial imagery using a manned aircraft. Years of experience with processing aerial photographs from drones have taught us how to quickly generate highly accurate end products. An added advantage is that the use of the PhotoEye system proves to be highly competitive for small to medium sized aerial photography projects.

 The aerial images are collected at a height significantly lower than traditional aerial survey projects. This has two very distinct advantages. Firstly this means that flight can be carried out even with the presence of clouds. We can deliver end products within two weeks after having received an order confirmation. The second advantage is that this method yields aerial photographs with a ground resolution of 2 cm. This is a 25 times higher resolution in comparison with 10 cm imagery.

High resolution ortho photo mosaic

Recent projects have demonstrated that the accuracy of our orthophoto mosaics (one seamless generated photograph corrected for scale and colour differences) is extremely high. We are able to achieve an average accuracy of 4 cm in X and Y with a standard deviation also equal to 5 cm. On every project we execute we take additional measurements for quality control purposes. Every delivery is always accompanied by a quality report.

It is possible to map in 3D on these images due to the fact that a digital elevation model is always generated as part of our data processing cycle. Since the elevation model is derived from the imagery a perfect fit is ensured.

See below two sample data sets collected on recent projects.

Aerial Orthomosaic N467       Full screen view can be found through this link.

Aerial Orthomosaic Urban Residential          Full screen view can be found through this link.