Marlyn is the VTOL HP mapping drone from Atmos UAV. The system is a cross-over between fixed-wing drones and multicopters: Marlyn can take-off and land vertically and is also able to cover large areas. She is built to perform, Marlyn is the only hybrid drone in its class capable of handling wind speeds up to 6Bft (45 km/h) during take-off, landing and cruise.

The Marlyn comes with an integrated high-end L1 and L2 GNSS receiver which allows applying GPS data corrections by using data from a base station or VRS to achieve high absolute X, Y, Z accuracy.Marlyn is designed with safety in mind, she is fully electric and powered by a smart dual battery system, which means that two batteries are placed in the drone to provide for redundancy: the one functions as a failsafe for the other and vice versa. Each battery is also equipped with a BMS (battery management system) that closely monitors the state of the battery.

All together this makes Marlyn the most versatile mapping drone out there, ready to generate (3D) models from anywhere and under any condition for your projects!